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My work involves a convergence of my two backgrounds, painting and medicine. Until recently I viewed my medical background as being very separate from my life as an artist, as if a creative mindset was a liability in medicine. After the onset of physical illness I experienced my role shift from doctor to patient. Going through life plugged into a heart monitor gave me a difference sense of the relationship I have to my body. I became inspired by my daily clinical practice as an ultrasound technician. I began to see similarities in what I do as a doctor to what I do as an artist. The process of diagnosing a patient has a similar back and forth question and answer process that I also use in my painting practice, in which every patient, as a painting is a story itself. My role is to unravel and understand the story, whether is a patient or a painting.

I began combining my medical and anatomical knowledge with my visual mark making on the canvas. In my works I reference material from my memory of laboratory pathological slides and diagrams to which I was exposed during my medical career but it is ultrasound imagery that became my main source of information.

As I scan patients I look for patterns and anomalies in the monitor. Later I make sketches of some of these shapes and compositions, which become paintings. Once the initial shape and composition is laid down, each subsequent layer is a response to the layer before it. Often, the initial imagery becomes obscured entirely. These semitransparent layers create a visible history of mark making, aided by the application of brisk brushstrokes and by the use of multiple materials such as acrylics, oils, charcoal and gesso.

My creative process aims to make reference to the sensitivity many people feel when discussing and confronting illness and entropy in the body. Through my paintings I try to capture the range of emotions I sense from my patients as I scan them, from fear to joy and everything in between. My work is an attempt to bring attention to the idea that if we keep things in perspective we would not see the pathological processes as something abnormal but part of the journey of life.

Born 1973 Caracas, Venezuela

Lives and works in Sydney, Australia


Solo Exhibitions

2019 Handle With Care, The Other Art Fair, Sydney

2018                Summer, The Other Art Fair, Sydney

2017                Destination: Color, Gallery Arianne Paffrath, Dusseldorf

                       Against The Wall, GAFFA Creative Precinct, Sydney

                       Colours in D minor, Art2Muse Gallery, Sydney

2016                A Beach Somewhere, Girdlers Creative Wall, Sydney

                       Amarillo No.2, KA Gallery Wall, Sydney


Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 Colours and Shapes of NSW, Parliament House of NSW, Sydney Australia

Abstraction of Light, Gallery 307, Northbridge Australia

2018                Summer Days and Balmy NightsSydney Road Gallery, Sydney Australia

                       Love Is, Sydney Road Gallery, Sydney Australia

                       Studio stories, Sydney Road Gallery, Sydney Australia

                       The Sky's the limit, Sydney Road Gallery, Sydney Australia

                       Taking a line for a walk, Sydney Road Gallery, Sydney Australia

Pushing Boundaries, Sydney Road Gallery, Sydney Australia

2017                "LAND" Bi-annual Manly Art Gallery and Museum, Sydney, Australia

                       15th International Art Exhibition, American School, DenHaag, Netherlands

2016                Fresh Batch #4, Platform 72 Gallery, Sydney, Australia

                       Annual Charity Auction, Sydney Breast Cancer Institute, Sydney Australia

                       Celebration of Sanctuaries, Charity Exhibition Save our Marine Life Alliance, Sydney Australia

                       4 Corners, Warringah Creative Space, Sydney Australia

                       Bounce Back, TAP Gallery, Sydney Australia

2015               H-Art, Stir-Up Gallery, Sydney Australia

                      Converging Latitudes, Warringah Creative Space, Sydney Australia


Art Prizes and Residencies

2017- present   Bushwick South Studio Program, Sydney

2016                Thirty by Thirty, Finalist, Colour Trap Gallery, Sydney

                       Round 4, Warringah Creative Space, Sydney

                       Bushwick South Studio Program, Sydney

2015                Round 3, Warringah Creative Space, Sydney


Gallery Affiliations

Represented by Sydney Road Gallery, Sydney Australia

Gallery Arianne Paffrath. Dusseldorf, Germany

Art2Muse Gallery. Sydney, Australia

Art Pharmacy Consulting. Sydney, Australia



Stiftung Kleine Kunstdialog West/Ost via Mrs. Tanja Kleine-Quadflieg. Germany

AXICORP Corporate Collection, Singapore, London and Australia

Private collections in: Venezuela, Dominican Republic, USA, and Australia.



2019 Painting Commission, Private collector, Sydney Australia

2018    Painting Commission, Rosie's at Coogee, Private Collector, Sydney Australia

2017    Painting Commission, Mujer, tu me inspiras! (Woman, you inspire me!)  SBS Spanish

           Painting Commission, Private collector, Perth Australia

 2016    Painting Commission, Private collector, Newcastle, Sydney

           Painting Commission, Private collector, Maroubra, Sydney


2017    Sammlerin lädt zum illustren Art-Talk, Rheinische Post Donnerstag 15 Juni 2017

           Gallery Arianne Paffrath- Marisabel Gonzalez aus Sydney stellt ihre Künst  aus zwei Welten vor by Petra Dieners for LieBlingstill blog

           “Against The Wall” by Sofia Gronbech-Wright for The Weekend Australian Review. 21 October 2017